"[Shane Speal] is universally recognized as the prime mover of the CBG cult, a man who has made it his life’s crusade to spread the word and promote the popularity of CBGs."  Premier Guitar Magazine

"Holler a word, infections and Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band is the cure.  A mix of blues riffs, field chants, classic rock fuzz that gets your foot stompin'."  Guitar World Magazine

"If Rob Zombie had a jug band it would sound like this."

York, PA's Shane Speal is the world's foremost master of the cigar box guitar, a primitive stringed instrument cobbled together from discarded wood, guitar strings and and empty box.  
Shane Speal is responsible for the modern resurgence of the cigar box guitar, a once forgotten instrument of American blues and roots music.  He has been featured in the LA Times, Guitar World and Premier Guitar magazines and his concert has been featured in the PBS documentary, Songs Inside the Box.

Few artists are as committed to expanding the boundaries of such a primitive instrument as Speal does.  Speal says, “a Cigar Box Guitar is quirky and appears ‘broken’ from the start. They just don’t look like they should play any music. I love to see jaws hit the floor when I shove a socket on my finger and wail away."  (from Premier Guitar Magazine)

In addition to performing and composing on cigar box guitar, Speal has also opened the first permanent Cigar Box Guitar Museum within the walls of Speal's Tavern in New Alexandria PA.  He also has an ever-expanding lesson series on how to play cigar box guitar for Youtube. 

Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band's album, Holler! was released on C. B. Gitty Records in 2014.

"Not only did Shane shift my views on the cigar box guitar, and the genre of music he is pioneering, but I felt like I just unearthed the Holy Grail; forever changing my views on a genre of music that has the roots of simplicity and soul that lay within each of us."

"The best way to describe [Speal's music] is to take blues and gospel and country and Hawaiian and ragtime and put it through a meat grinder that's missing some teeth."  - York (PA) Daily Record


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Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band
Download the album now!  $9.99 for an hour of jug band overdrive rock!

"Holler a word, infectious and Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band is the cure.  A mix of blues riffs, field chants, classic rock fuzz that gets your foot stompin'."  Guitar World Magazine

Upcoming Shows

BLACK BIRD MASQUERADE BALL w/the Snake Oil Band + 2 other acts

Tellus360, 24 E. King St, Lancaster PA


“Something To Crow About” heralds the return of the Crows to Lancaster PA each winter. It is comprised of arts, education, and community tie-ins with “Crows” as the theme. It takes place in Lancaster Jan and Feb 2015. The black bird-themed gala includes live entertainment, crow trivia, mask judging, and more. Masks optional, but more fun if you wear one!


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HIBREWNATION BEER FEST feat. Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band

Hibrewnation Beer Fest at York Expo Center (York Fair), 334 Carlisle Avenue,, York, PA


Hibrewnation is an uncompromising exploration of beer. Tucked within our 80 hand-selected craft and local brews, you'll find a healthy portion of rare and hard to find beers and local spirits. We aren't talking "go-to-a-better-beer-store-hard-to-find" we are talking actually hard to find.


VIP Admission 12-5pm $55 An extra 2 hours, beer floats, access to limited and timed-release offerings, and a special cup if you want. Limited to 300.

General Admission 2-5pm $40 Enjoy nearly limitless samples of over 80 hand-selected regional and international brews from our ever-growing list. Tickets are limited so don't miss your chance. Designated Driver 12-5pm $20

Are you the DD by choice or chance? Don't despair! Pre-sale DD's get a DD Only t-shirt, root beer floats, bottomless cups of water and rootbeer, and maybe a few more suprises. DD's can even accompany VIP's.

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