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Shane Speal Lap Steel Guitar Giveaway

Shane Speal is giving away this "Shabby Chic" 4-string Lap Steel to one subscriber of his newsletter.  The winner will be drawn January 13th, 2017.  Enter now so you're eligible!!! 

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Old man

Introducing the Shane Speal Holiday 2016 Catalog

This is "The Old Man."  It was made with an 80 year old cigar box.
This handmade cigar box guitar is part of the 2016 Shane Speal guitar collection rolling out in the next two weeks.  The first two new instruments Read more
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Circus Freaks & The Rings of Giant Kings

What is that one bizarre thing you find escape?
Music has become my entire life...from guitar building, to historical research,'s all music all the time.  It sounds like a dream until it becomes a focus that has your attention 24/7.

Lately, I've been finding total escapism in my antique circus giant ring collection.  It's such a bizarre quest, my brain gets carjacked to a new world. Read more

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Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band
Download the album now!  $9.99 for an hour of jug band overdrive rock!

"Holler a word, infectious and Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band is the cure.  A mix of blues riffs, field chants, classic rock fuzz that gets your foot stompin'."  Guitar World Magazine